MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — One Texas man was sentenced to five years in Prison on Jan. 13 after he was found with more than 600 missing checks in his Mobile home.

Sanwon Demetrius Baldwin, 41, was sentenced after he was found with over 100 stolen checks and money orders. The search was carried out by officers in Bedford, Texas back in 2017. While investigating, officers also found a .45 caliber pistol, marijuana and a very particular knife. 

The knife was a “venetian blind blade covered in rat trap glue,” which was used to pull mail out of postal boxes. Baldwin was also found with chemicals used to change information found on checks, money orders and other types of stolen mail.

The evidence found in Texas prompted a search at Baldwin’s house in Mobile. Investigators found over 600 pieces of stolen mail and Baldwin’s fingerprints were found on several of the stolen items. 

Baldwin pleaded guilty to the charges brought against him and worked with his co-conspirator Brittany Jannice Chapman, 27. Baldwin pleaded guilty to bank fraud and identity theft. 

Baldwin was sentenced to five years in prison and was ordered to pay $9,209.10 to his victims and $200 in special fees. 

Although Baldwin paid over $9,000 in fees, he took over $278,000 dollars in stolen money orders and checks.