MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — There are lots of questions left unanswered in a double death investigation that took the life of a man and woman on Sunday morning. Officials with the Mobile Police Department said in a news conference Monday what they believe happened just before their deaths.

Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine said Laquisha Towner, 33, and the man they believe to be Derrick Rembert, 48, died Sunday morning after a possible domestic dispute. According to the Prine, Towner and some of her family members drove down to Mobile from McIntosh, Ala. to have a “girl’s night” Saturday night.

Prine said somewhere around midnight Towner voluntarily went with her boyfriend, Rembert, for a long period of time. At around 7:30 a.m. Sunday, some of Towner’s family members decided to go to Rembert’s house to get her and go back home. Family members said they walked up to the vehicle where Towner and Rembert were sitting and Towner asked them to give her and Rembert a few minutes to finish their conversation.

After a few minutes of sitting in their car, the family members heard popping, which they believed to be gunshots, and fled the scene. Officers believe it was at this time that Towner was shot and then dowsed with an accelerant, leading her to catch fire. She jumped out of the vehicle while on fire. A person nearby saw her and attempted to help.

Officers arrived on the scene and found Towner was alive and conscious. Towner allegedly told officers Rembert was the person who had done this to her. She was taken to University Hospital where she died of her injuries.

Firefighters then put out a fire that had engulfed the car in flames. That is when they found a male in the driver’s seat. Officers said they believe this to be Rembert, but will not positively know until his autopsy is complete. Officers also do not know what the man’s official cause of death was.

“We believe that at some point during an altercation inside of the vehicle, Ms. Towner was dowsed with some type of accelerant and then subsequently she was shot and that led to a chain of events that caused the fire inside of the vehicle,” said Prine. He could not say if this incident was a murder-suicide; however, he did say this was a domestic altercation.

According to Chief Prine, Towner and Rembert had been dating for over a year and Rembert had a previous domestic charge between the two dating back to January. Rembert was arrested and had been charged with third-degree domestic violence, unlawful imprisonment and persons forbidden to possess a firearm. As of the incident, Rembert was out on bond for these charges.