MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Freezing cold temperatures this holiday weekend have caused some unnecessary headaches for many Gulf Coast residents.

Greg Smith from Roto-Rooter said they have been swamped with phone calls of people saying they aren’t getting water in their homes. He said the calls have been back-to-back starting Friday.

“Yeah, we received a lot of calls,” said Smith. “I mean, I don’t know how many, but probably 300 a day. And it’s just unfortunate that people have so [many] problems, but we’re getting to them.”

Smith and another technician, Jeremy Pope, took WKRG News 5 on a job where they had to repair a water pipe that burst due to freezing temperatures. Both said fixing pipes can cost hundreds of dollars in repair.

Mobile homeowner Paula Hardy has fallen victim to having burst pipes. She was driving home from an outing Saturday afternoon and noticed her front yard was ,completely flooded.

“It was like everywhere,” said Hardy. “It was all over my front yard and backyard. My backyard was like a pool, and I don’t even have a pool! But yeah, my backyard was like a pool, and my front yard just had water all over.”

Pope said repairing pipes is about an hour or hour and a half job. He’s been on several water pipe jobs since people have been calling in, and he explains the process of repairing the pipe to ensure it doesn’t burst again.

“You really want to make sure that there’s no small leaks because it can small these can appear over time,” said Pope. “Especially whenever you run pressure to your home. Homes like this usually carry about 80 psi of water, maybe 60 to 65 to 80 around here, so you have to make sure it’s gonna hold, especially like not just copper with PVC. You have to make sure that glue dries and give it some time so to stick together.”

After having a busted pipe since Saturday, Paula Hardy is glad this issue is getting resolved.

“But then I’ve seen a water company pulling up and I was like, how yall know my pipes bust?” said Hardy. “They said they saw it from the company. So I like what thank God because baby I need somebody to fix my pipes.”

Smith from Roto-Rooter said he anticipates the heavy call volume to go down over the next couple of days due to the warmer weather and plumbers fixing leaks in other homes.