MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mr. Roy Blount started collecting aluminum cans many years ago to recycle and donate the money made to different organizations but his work with the Mobile SPCA started 12 years ago.

Mr. Roy explains, “I came to the rummage sale one day up here and the cans were piled upside the wall over there. So I raised my hand and said ‘what are y’all going to do with these?’ and they said they were looking for someone to crush them. That was twelve years ago.”

This year alone, Mr. Roy collected and crushed more cans from the community than he ever has. The total came out to be 289 large bags which held 990,000 cans. The donation weighed 3,480 pounds and raised $1,266 for the Mobile SPCA.

Janine Woods, Executive Director of the Mobile SPC; says, “Mr. Roy is just the best. Mr. Roy sits there in bay 1 and crushes cans all the time and is the best greeter we have ever had.”

The Coast Guard came out to help the SPCA load the cans to be recycled and it took two large U-Haul trucks because there were so many cans.

Mr. Roy’s 85th birthday is at the end of the month and the Mobile SPCA would love to give him at least 85 birthday cards from the community. You can send a birthday card or drop off aluminum cans to:

Mr. Roy
Mobile SPCA
620 Zeigler Cir W
Mobile, AL 36608