Local high school football player plays every position in Leopard’s latest win

Mobile County

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — “I thought it was joke, if you know Jake he likes to joke a lot,” said Judson Duke. a Mobile Christian Senior.

It was no joke. Mobile Christian’s Jake Brooks played every position on offense, defense and then some in last week’s victory over St. Michael Catholic High, making some football history!

Eric Poellnitz, Leopards Senior, “Definitely  great to be a part of it, I get to say I played on a team that a guy played all 22 positions.”

“It was real, it happened right here at Larmar Harrison Stadium,” said Coach Ronnie Cottrell.

Coach Ronnie Cottrell came up with the idea a long time ago, Jake has been a 4-year starter and his reward — a chance to play ’em all!

Jake Brooks, Mobile Christian Senior, ” We didn’t tell any of the players until about 5 minutes before the run through, so they didn’t really believe us at first, but like, yeah, and so we just told everybody what was going to happen.”

“He’s a very versatile guy, a really unique athlete,” said Cottrell. “Because for a guy to play every position he’s got to be able to play skill, linebacker, you’ve got to play lineman and he did all of it, he carried the ball, the only thing he didn’t do was throw a pass, he handed off and we scored a touchdown on the play he handed off at quarterback!”

“Quarterback, handed me the ball I ran for a touchdown, I wish he could have threw a touchdown, that would have been real cool,” said Poellnitz.

Football historians are doing a deep search on this one, it’s never happened in the state of Alabama and may have never happened anywhere else in the country.

“It’s kind of confusing, remembering where I had to go next, remembering what all those positions had to do cause I’m not a really an offensive guy, knowing all these plays.”

“He actually did it, so I was just like, there’s no way, it was fun seeing him do it”, said Duke

Cottrell, ” I would just like to know, I know it’s never been done in Alabama, I would just like to know if it has been done anywhere else.”

Jake not only played every position of offense and defense, he played special teams as well.”

Jake, ” I snapped and I held for extra point and I kicked an extra point. I guess, my best and favorite, was playing running back, I had a pick of 17 yards, something like that.”

Coach Cottrell came up with the idea and delivered, and kept the move close to the vest.

“We just did it among ourselves, really the fans didn’t know until after the facts, so it was just something that Jake set a goal to do and I helped him do it!”

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