MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) —Springhill Avenue United Methodist Church was once a place where people worshipped together, held baptisms and wedding days. However, it all stopped in 2020.

On September 16th, 2020 Hurricane Sally hit the Gulf Coast.

The storm’s slow movement put the area under hurricane conditions for more than six hours, bringing up to 30 inches of rain.

According to the Pastor over Springhill Avenue United Methodist Church, Hurricane Sally started a domino effect of destruction.

“Upon first looking around, everything seemed to be okay,” said Pastor Micah Wright. “We definitely had some shingle damage to the sanctuary. A couple of small leaks here or there…”

Just a few weeks later Hurricane Zeta hit the area, causing even more damage to the church.

“Our sanctuary has plaster walls on the inside with enough of a gap between that and the structural wall that water started filling up there and breaking down the walls,” said Wright. “The leaks in the education building were much more substantial than we were prepared for… In addition, wind damage broke some windows…”

Before Hurricane Sally, the church had over 200 members. Those members haven’t been able to step foot in this church, in two years.

Wright said no matter what his congregation has gone through, they always remain resilient.

“This is actually a radically stubborn congregation,” said Wright. “A congregation that in the face of great trial and tribulation refuse to die, and just want to be in this community and want to be a blessing to this community.”

This resilient congregation is still patiently waiting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Our contractors are giving us a tentative date of Thanksgiving for the completion of the sanctuary building… In the meantime we’re still trying to do a lot in the community,” said Wright. “On November 5th we’re actually going to be holding a farmers’ market right here on our lawn. We have other events that will be coming up.”