FORT MORGAN, Ala. (WKRG) — (UPDATED 4:45 p.m.) The sailboat that washed ashore on Fort Morgan Thursday, Aug. 11 was removed Thursday afternoon.

The 40-foot-long sailboat “Living the Dream” washed ashore overnight with neither of the two owners on board.

The final voyage of a forty-foot sailboat called “Living the Dream” is not what anyone expected.

“Always something, when you come down here, seems like,” said beachgoer Matt Green.

When the boat came ashore more than a week ago, tourists like Heidi Meyers couldn’t believe it. “We weren’t sure what we were looking at, to be honest, and then my husband was like oh my gosh that’s a boat on the beach.”

William Weaver with Weeks Bay Marine followed the coverage of the boat and offered to help. He brought a crew and excavator to the beach on Thursday and in a matter of hours the boat was gone. He befriended the Oklahoma couple who jumped overboard in a storm and swam to shore. Their boat quickly followed. “The rope got stuck in the propeller. The shackle came out of the anchor pin so they couldn’t drop anchor and floated up on the beach. There was nothing they really could do,” he says.

This was not just a sailboat, it was their home where they have lived for the last couple of years around Fairhope Pier.

“We took all their stuff back to them on Dauphin Island. They are staying on a sailboat until we are done and then they are going to move back to Oklahoma,” says Weaver. “No more sailboats.”

The sailboat is a total loss. “Broke the keel on it and had so much damage, water, fire extinguishers went off inside.” Weaver loaded the boat on a trailer for one more trip, “So, it’s going to the landfill.”

The owners told News 5 they were not there when the boat was removed. While they are grateful they said it would be too painful to watch.

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