MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) —  Protestors lined Government Street in Mobile, protesting against bills introduced by Republican lawmakers that they say restrict access to health care, education, and other needs for those in the LGBTQ community, especially the transgender community.

“They’re being pushed under the guise of protecting children but the reality is they won’t protect children they will in fact harm our adult transgender population.” Said Chance Shaw, executive director of Rainbow Pride of Mobile. “Some of these bills would force adult trans people to go back into the closet and live inauthentic lives as the gender they were assigned at birth.. Not their true selves.” 

Some of the bills in protest include a Transports bill, a version of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and the “What is a Woman Act”.

LGBTQ of Mobile Bay organized the protest, in hopes that the rally will encourage the governor to veto these bills.

“As the Mobile chamber has stated so many times there’s so many jobs that are coming here.” Said Bryan Fuenmayor, chairman of LGBTQ of Mobile Bay. “We want people to come here. We want to grow Mobile, but how are we going to do that driving people away with these ignorant laws. 

One of the bills would ban presentations including male or female impersonators, like drag shows, in places where children are present. 

“It would strip a lot of the entertainment we do at Pride Fest and Pride Family Picnic or any of our other LGBTQ oriented events where we do drag shows that are completely appropriate for the whole family.” Said Shaw.

Organizers encourage people to learn more about what’s happening in the State Legislature, and the effects it can have on the local community. 

“To get the community here aware of the bills, so that they can speak up so that they can call their elected leaders and let them know that they are not in favor of these bills.” Said Shaw.

Protestors say Saturday’s demonstration is part of a national movement to resist anti-LGBTQ legislation and celebrate diversity.