MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — High school football kicks off this week, but the question remains, will some games be played at Ladd-Peebles Stadium?

We first told you last week that Ladd and the Mobile County Public School System were working on bringing football games back to the stadium.

There will be no games played at Ladd this week, but the stadium says they’re ready to host games next week.

“Ladd is going to be Ladd again,” said CJ Drinkard, the stadium manager at Ladd-Peebles Stadium.

The stadium says they are waiting on a contract, but are ready to host high school football teams once again.

“High school football is exciting, it’s a tradition here and I plan on continuing that,” said Drinkard.

Mobile County Public Schools pulled high school football games from the stadium last year after five people were shot at a Williamson-Vigor game on Oct. 15, citing security concerns. This was not the first case of gun violence at Ladd-Peebles. In 2019, nine people were injured at a game between Williamson and Leflore.

The school system says they have not finalized anything, and are still ironing out details.

“Just the fact that the school system is willing to come back to Ladd stadium to an environment where they or we were unsure of what was happening and to say that they or we can make it secure and safe enough for the people our constituents, the players and the games and coaches that means a lot,” said William Carroll, Mobile City Councilman.

The stadium says they are updating security, they are releasing an 18 point security protocol to ensure.

“We have a lot of things we’re going to do and unroll this week so everybody knows the kids are safe, the families are safe and high school football will be high school football again,” said Drinkard.

The stadium says they have been negotiating with MCPSS to have five schools play at the stadium this year, and contracts have been sent back and forth. They are expecting a final contract Tuesday, and are excited at the chance for high school football to be played at Ladd once again.

“It’s definitely something I wanna see happen, I want to make happen and I wanna be part of that change and transition,” said Drinkard.

The school system tells us they have not finalized anything and that they are “still trying to come to our decision made in the best interest of our students.”