‘Lack of serious consequences for his violent behavior is to blame:’ Shooting suspect had a history of domestic violence

Mobile County

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A Mobile judge denied bond for the man charged in Monday night’s double shooting at Warren Street and Saint Anthony Streets downtown, not far from Mardi Gras parade routes.

Anthony Orr is accused of shooting into a car, hitting his ex-wife and her boyfriend. The boyfriend, 51-year-old Eldred Hall, died from his injuries.

News 5’s Amber Grigley has been digging into this story, bringing light to a broader issue surrounding domestic violence.

“When people think of domestic violence, when they think of what they heard of before where it’s kicking, punching and then kicking. Maybe it’s emotional abuse, or financial abuse, or things like that. But they don’t think in terms of one thing leads to another.” said Tonie Anne Torrans, the Executive Director of Penelope House.

In a preliminary hearing Wednesday morning, it was revealed that Anthony Orr tried to confront his ex-wife earlier in the day while she was on a Mardi Gras float. He jumped the barricade and was pushed back. But he didn’t stop there — Orr is accused of then following the float and later catching up with his ex-wife. He saw her with another man, known to be her boyfriend, Eldred Hall. Orr then shot into the car hitting his ex-wife. Hall ran and Orr ran after him, shooting and killing him.

“Anytime there’s a tragedy in the community, I think there are quite a few people that are victims in their home behind closed doors and no one knows,” said Torrans.

After looking through Orr’s records we’ve learned that he has been arrested and charged with domestic violence multiple times dating back to at least eight years. Torrans said the lack of serious consequences for his violent behavior is to blame.

“If you don’t have some kind of consequences for the negative behaviors, they don’t change. And I think that’s where we are with a lot of repeated domestic violence incidents. They haven’t had serious punishments in order for them to think, maybe I should do something different,” said Torrans.

Penelope House is available 24/7, if you or anyone you know needs help please call their crisis line at 251-342-8994.

Orr is charged with murder, two counts of attempted murder, and shooting into an occupied vehicle. He’s due back in court March 2 for arraignment.


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