Kitten with no back paws getting back on his feet

Mobile County

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A kitten found in Mobile with no back paws is getting a new leash on life.

The Azalea City Cat Coalition told News 5 a woman saw a kitten run out of a tool shed at her house. As he ran away, the woman noticed he had no back paws. She called for help, and the kitten, now known as Yoshi, is getting back on his feet. 

Founder of the Azalea City Cat Coalation, Susan Young explained to News 5 how conditions like Yoshi’s happen. She said, “Sometimes the umbilical cord can get wrapped around extremities or parts of kittens while they’re in the womb and cut off blood supply.”

Speaking of the umbilical cords, Dr. Michael Zimlich with MedVet added, “They’ll become like rubber bands, and they’ll cause strangulation of the limbs and tails.”

Dr. Zimlich sees 10 to 15 cats each year with conditions similar to Yoshi’s paws. He said, “I’ve seen many kittens that have had one limb affected, and they do very well, but this is the first cat that I’ve seen bilateral rear limb affected.”

Dr. Zimlich said Yoshi probably would not have survived on his own. He said, “He would have been an increased chance for all of the types of traumas that our outside cats can get. Whether it be a dog attack, a coyote attack, being hit by a car, chronic infections in those limbs.”  

Dr. Zimlich, a team from Alabama Artificial Limb and Orthopedic Services, and Azalea City Cat Coalition are giving Yoshi a new walk on life. Dr. Zimlich said, “We’re going to have to wrap the muscles around the bone and prepare a pad that will tolerate the pressure of the prosthesis.” 

Yoshi will get temporary prosthetic paws to get him used to the feeling until he gets big enough for the ones he’ll use the rest of his life. Dr. Zimlich said after Yoshi is all healed up, he may be able to help others. He said, “When we look at the human, animal bond and his ability to potentially one day maybe be a therapy cat, so that they may help the transition of a person who’s recently lost a limb.” 

If you’d like to help Yoshi, you can donate HERE.

Founder of Azalea City Cat Coalition Susan Young, and Dr. Zimlich agree the best way to prevent these types of conditions in cats is to spay or neuter your pet, so they do not have unmonitored, or unwanted litters.


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