BAYOU LaBATRE, Ala. (WKRG) – Court proceeding wrapped up Wednesday for Theodore head football coach and athletic director Eric Collier.

Bayou La Batre Municipal Judge Daniel Mims did not rule Wednesday night in the assault case against head Theodore football coach Eric Collier.

However, he did deny Collier’s request for immunity on Alabama’s Stand Your Ground Law, stating he was not acting in self-defense. The trial began directly after the ruling on the evidentiary hearing concluded.

The immunity hearing began on Oct. 27 with all four of the defendants being heard, including Collier Sr., Eric Collier Jr., Sean Collier, and Hayden Collier, all charged with misdemeanor assault for the Mother’s Day brawl. Judge Mims pushed back the rest of the proceedings until Wednesday.

All the charges stem from a fight involving Collier’s son. Bayou Police say the Collier group had an altercation earlier that day with some people at Dauphin Island and attacked them when their boat came into Bayou La Batre.

During the first proceedings, witnesses said the Colliers had been waiting for at least 30 minutes before the boat arrived.

The trial ended within a few hours. Judge Mims stated he would be ruling at a later date on all four of the Colliers.