MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A Mobile environmental group may have an explanation for whatever killed dozens of fish in Mobile Bay in March. Two months ago, a charter boat captain posted a video of dozens of dead fish seen in the water of Mobile Bay.

In an article posted Monday, Mobile Baykeeper says “Jubilee-like” conditions in the water may explain the fishkill. They write, “An increase in salinity paired with a decrease in dissolved oxygen levels, along with insights provided by local researchers and scientists, lead us to the conclusion.” Their blog post also says manmade pollution was likely not the cause and didn’t have evidence the fishkill was caused by disease.

“We expect to see more of these “jubilee-like” conditions in the Mobile Bay area due to rising sea levels and warming water temperatures as a result of climate change. More jubilees mean that local fish populations will have less time to recover between events, leading to an overall population decline,” the post said.