MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The usually quiet city council meeting revved up with applause after members of the council addresses the ongoing conflict between Jawan Dallas’ family and the Mobile Police Department.

Dallas died shortly after an encounter with MPD where he had been tased twice. Since then, the family has called on the city to release body camera footage showing the events that led up to Dallas’ death.

City Attorney Ricardo Woods said that three investigations are underway. To protect the integrity of the investigation, he said the footage would not be released until a Mobile County grand jury sees the footage first.

“We will sit down with them and allow them to view it at the conclusion of the criminal investigation,” Woods said.

For the past three weeks, people speaking on behalf of Dallas and his family have been addressing the council.

“It somewhat sounds like a broken record. Or is it prerecorded?” Mobile NAACP President Robert Clopton said to the council.

Dallas’ family attorney sent a request to see body camera footage one week after his death.

“If that was your child, you’d want to know too; you’d want to know too,” District 2 Councilman William Carroll said to Woods during the meeting. “If it was my child, I’d be standing at your door every day.”

Those in the chamber applauded Carroll’s response to the city’s approach.

“Will you look in the rearview mirror right here, and you look at certain segments of our population, there’s an ongoing feeling of constant mistrust of the lack of information and for the lack of not being able to get information, and for the lack of no being told,” Carroll said. “When is it that we find a way to get it so that we can build a system of trust right here.”

City Council President C.J. Small said the city cannot outweigh state law on this issue, citing that the city’s hands are tied on the conflict.

“If it was my child, I would like to know, but I would pension everyone that’s in here to contact your state legislators,” Small said.

Dallas’ family said they are holding a rally on Sep. 23 and a march on Oct. 21.