“It really took its toll on me:” Well-known Mobile driver ‘Mercedes Marge’ recounts carjacking

Mobile County

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A Mobile woman, known for her driving around the Spring Hill area, says she’s lucky to be alive after a man carjacked her at knifepoint Monday evening.

According to a witness, that man first came into the garage at the back of Tanner’s Pecans, before walking across the street to the Circle K.

Mobile police say that man used a knife to take beer from the Circle K. Witnesses say he then went back across the street to the McDonald’s on Dauphin and Springdale Boulevard and took a car from well-known Mobile driver, ‘Mercedes Marge.’

“I thought I was gone when he threw me out on that street,” said Marge Baxter.

It was a chaotic evening for Marge and her beloved dog, Coco, as they waited in the McDonald’s Drive-Thru, trying to get a cup of coffee.

“Out of the clear blue sky, this man jumped in my front seat. I don’t think he spoke English, I don’t know. He had a knife,” said Baxter.

Police say they were called to Springdale Boulevard and Dauphin Street around 5:30 Monday night, for the report of a robbery. They say David Kelly used a knife to take the car from a woman.

David Kelly

“He grabbed hold of me and swung me outside, I did not hit the cement, I hit the flower beds and was yelling at me and swinging the knife. I fell on the ground and I was yelling to help me,” said Baxter.

Her dog, Coco was still in the car. “Coco was barking I was scared he was going to kill him but he didn’t,” she said.

Marge is a well-known driver in Mobile, with thousands of people in a Facebook group called Mercedes Marge, dedicated to sharing pictures and videos of sightings of Coco and her on the roads.

Marge says she is grateful for the people who stepped in to help her Monday night. “Everybody was trying to be nice, but this man, he was danger- if they hadn’t have help come, he would have killed me,” she explained.

“She is legendary and I am amazed at how much love there is for her right now. It’s like everybody’s grandma got attacked or something,” said Jason Harsany.

Harsany works next door to the McDonald’s, he says Kelly came into their garage as he was closing up.

“I heard some rustling or screaming and I walked right up to there before I knew it this guy popped up around the corner and said “what the f*** you looking at” kind of thing. He was running around kind of in circles, I was in shock,” he said.

He says he followed Kelly to the Circle K, and eventually found him at the McDonald’s, in custody, and Marge on the ground being helped. Harsany says he’s glad it wasn’t worse.

“Shock and surreal-ness I guess and relief that no one was truly hurt. I go through 100 times what could have happened,” said Harsany.

Both Marge and Coco are okay, Marge says she is grateful for everyone’s concern but is still shaken up.

“Honey, it really took it’s toll on me,” she said.

Kelly is charged with two counts of robbery and menacing. He has a long criminal history dating back to 1996, he’s been booked on multiple different charges including indecent exposure, burglary, and arson.

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