“I thought I lost my whole family” Family loses home during Hurricane Sally

Mobile County

GRAND BAY, Ala. (WKRG) — A Grand Bay family who rode out Hurricane Sally loses their home.

We are continually hearing stories on loss and tragedy coming in the days after Hurricane Sally. This story, being one of pure luck.

“It was awful, I thought I lost my whole family.” That was Jeffery Graham’s reaction to thinking back to that terrible night of Hurricane Sally. Wind collasped a large tree onto their home, almost making it unrecognizable. The tree crashed through the kitchen into the living room where Brenda Graham was sleeping with her son’s girlfriend’s Jennifer’s, child. “I heard that crackling noise, it was loud I guess it was before it actually hit the trailer. I jumped off the couch and onto her son and about that time the ceiling fell down on my back, it was very scary.”

Brenda’s son Jeffrey woke up hearing his family crying for help. “I heard my mom saying we’re stuck, we’re stuck! So my first instinct was to go to my mom and her son and I just pushed up from my back as hard as I could until they crawled out.”

The tree falling, the resuce and the escape all happening within a matter on minutes. Jennifer saying “It almost feels like a sense of security has been ripped from you.”

Now they’re sleeping in their cars or the shed by remains of their homes. They say a shelter is not really an option. “There’s six of us, I have two dogs, and my brother is mentally disabled and so it’s hard for him to be around other people.” Brenda said.

Miracously, everyone walked away without a scratch. The pain only coming form the mindset of not knowing what’s next. “we are extremely blessed that we still have each other.”

The family has set up a GoFundMe looking for any help. You can find that link here.


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