How Mobile County schools performed on latest Alabama standardized tests

Mobile County

MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Standardized test scores for Alabama schools have been released for the state, but it may be hard to draw too many conclusions.

This was the first year Alabama schools took the Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program tests, so these are the baseline numbers, and there’s nothing to compare with these numbers.

For all Mobile County Schools, about 39 percent of students are proficient in English Language Arts, nearly 15 percent are proficient in Math, and 31 percent are proficient in Science. These are the students who passed these sections of the ACAP test.

This is what we have so far as we continue to analyze the data.

A few schools scored lower on some parts of the assessment. Vigor High school had nearly 2 percent of its students test proficiently in English. Just more than 1 percent of students at Howard Elementary tested proficiently in Math, and a little more than 1 percent of students at Williamson tested proficiently in science.

Eichold-Mertz Magnet had the highest number of students who test proficiently in English Language Arts and Math. Their students tested at 96.93 percent and 68.14 percent respectively. Council had the most students proficient in science at 76.53 percent.

We talked to the State Department of Education to explain what these numbers mean.

“We have new data on a new test. It’s not so easily comparable to the old test because it’s a whole new test, whole new standards, new way of doing things, it’s all online. So they can’t necessarily look at this year’s data and compare them back to 2018 and make those kind of direct comparisons. It’s somewhat apples to oranges,” said Dr. Eric Mackey, the Alabama State Superintendent.

We’ve reached out for a reaction on these numbers from the Mobile County Public School System. We spoke briefly with them on the phone. They say they’ve already started on improvements with literacy camps and summer school over the summer, and we are waiting to hear more from them.

Mobile County ALL39.3214.9531.1491.8291.4590.45
Alba Middle38.811.7533.7195.3195.4997.27
Allentown Elementary59.0430.885094.6194.3497.09
Bryant High20.5716.1223.2990.6294.7794.51
Austin Elementary59.0529.0552.793.7593.7592.5
Baker High28.3725.3433.1691.6393.7193.39
Blount High3.422.056.5691.9595.8895.88
Booth Elementary55.8430.8147.2299.8199.81100
Breitling Elementary49.0625.0940.5199.2699.2698.75
Burns Middle29.633.9426.1490.990.1987.82
Burroughs Elementary33.771.3110.7196.8496.8496.55
Calcedeaver Elementary40.7713.0815.15100100100
Calloway-Smith Middle17.531.2915.270.659.868.03
Castlen Elementary62.9132.7162.3299.5310098.57
Causey Middle51.0517.3552.2987.0187.0984.63
Chastang-Fournier K-815.41.4514.9583.0776.7362.14
Citronelle High8.249.215.0389.6991.891.27
Clark-Shaw Magnet76.5731.9170.9494.2194.4893.55
Collier Elementary61.3334.7447.999.0298.57100
Collins-Rhodes Elementary25.818.36.5994.4993.5396.81
Continuous Learning Center35.71030.7766.2678.7867.96
Council Traditional84.1443.476.5397.6496.9796.08
Craighead Elementary21.432.058.0697.0397.0195.38
Dauphin Island Elementary66.6740.48NONE97.0997.09NONE
Davidson High41.1835.7349.7187.1188.988.65
Davis Elementary35.7113.221.6795.9295.9296.77
Dawes Intermediate70.4438.3669.8898.5798.5798.22
Denton Magnet School of Technology69.2526.4755.3492.0393.4190.35
Dickson Elementary40.0912.093093.9593.7297.9
Dixon Elementary48.3314.3538.3698.4398.4397.33
Dodge Elementary34.86.3418.7195.3495.5793.29
Dunbar Magnet53.136.7130.7797.9297.796.69
Eichold-Mertz Magnet96.9368.1476.3296.6795.8297.03
Evans Special School7.698.632.6178.4580.1775.41
Fonde Elementary26.486.2515.9185.6685.9483.81
Forest Hill Elementary22.784.231095.9396.394.59
Gilliard Elementary23.497.8114.7896.8196.5297.46
Grand Bay Middle38.168.4639.2698.197.7597.26
Grant Elementary23.587.449.898.497.63100
Griggs Elementary52.0417.6342.3199.6699.66100
Hall Elementary21.882.339.7684.5885.1384.24
Hankins Middle37.726.6236.7186.2385.4283.78
Haskew Elementary46.7921.5134.6998.7298.3434.69
Hollinger’s Island Elementary56.5611.4838.78100100100
Holloway Elementary19.384.825.7592.1388.9285.27
Howard Elementary21.471.051093.6393.6381.97
Indian Springs Elementary27.889.8210.6196.4995.392.92
LeFlore High5.115.047.9184.8886.1286.12
Leinkauf Elementary26.267.7814.7798.5795.7395.65
Lott Middle43.819.1334.7293.7694.3690.57
Maryvale Elementary24.884.8812.5100100100
McDavid-Jones Elementary44.9719.8337.3897.897.897.27
Meadowlake Elementary36.968.1531.7598.4798.47100
Mobile County Training22.342.828.279.8575.3273.88
Montgomery High17.9412.5922.886.1989.1589.15
Morningside Elementary29.449.2915.6698.9398.0598.42
Murphy High18.919.9620.2888.0689.9989.99
N. Mobile County K-837.586.3820.6598.3995.8297.87
Old Shell Road Elementary80.3842.5852.9498.1298.1294.44
Orchard Elementary29.413.5318.6795.4195.4192.29
O’Rourke Elementary58.872736.6996.5897.0495.21
Phillips Preparatory89.8835.5471.4392.8793.0395.45
Pillans Middle16.831.625.3381.8178.1775.38
Rain High4.032.946.6281.0588.8988.89
Robbins Elementary31.417.6414.6393.9894.6995.35
Scarborough Model Middle20.523.5821.389.889.1191.02
Semmes Elementary63.4737.1657.3395.6595.292.59
Semmes Middle35.38.3341.6283.9281.3977.48
Shepard Elementary48.1816.2636.5994.1994.0389.94
Spencer-Westlawn Elementary36.5724.324.6293.7792.2791.55
St. Elmo Elementary43.5220.2129.2398.9798.9798.48
Tanner Williams Elementary59.0624.643.7510099.21100
Taylor-White Elementary52.2329.0337.7494.0192.8196.36
The Pathway50876.4473.7161.58
Theodore High12.3510.3418.5387.3990.7590.05
Turner Elementary49.815.8145.6898.8398.8398.78
Vigor High1.982.811.2284.1789.1789.17
Washington Middle12.151.1314.2992.4392.6990.84
Whitley Elementary18.523.677.8991.3992.2490.84
Will Elementary20.913.8213.3396.6996.0596.15
Williamson High11.522.181.6485.8386.8287.86
Wilmer Elementary37.0218.2733.3397.6597.6595.83
Mobile County Public Schools Proficiency Report

You can see a breakdown of all of the data here.

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