MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — As people get ready to celebrate the new year a lot of people say they’ll stay in tonight, due in part to COVID concerns. I went around a gas station in Mobile with a simple question.

“How if at all, has COVID impacted your NYE plans?” A lot of people had a similar answer.

“It ain’t impacting mine, I’m good, I’m going to be alright,” said Tony Phillips. “I hope everybody up here alright too because the good Lord got us baby I ain’t worried about it all I can say is take care of yourself.” Tony Phillips says his party days are behind him. Others expect to start the new year COVID free.

“I tested negative yesterday, so I’m good,” said Stephanie Boykin. She added she’s still staying in tonight. Most of the people I spoke with can’t be bothered with crowds and were going to stay home virus or not.

“It really hasn’t impacted mine none I’m taking the same precautions now that I took last year so I’m still carrying on, it ain’t affect me none, I’m a simple laid back kind of guy I don’t celebrate that much, you know what I’m saying so it is what it is,” said Slim in Mobile.