UPDATE: Josten Peters found safe in Pensacola

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — 28-year-old Josten Peters was reported missing, nearly a month ago.

His mother Charlesetta Owens said her and her family’s concern is growing because Peters suffers from several illnesses, and they have had little to no leads.

“My child is somewhere out there. He need help. He’s mental and he’s out here he may not be eating or drinking and he’s a diabetic,” said Owens.

Peters was reported him missing on March 29, after he was last seen walking from his home on Ginger Drive.

Weeks after his disappearance, his family has not given up hope as they continue to actively search for him.

“People saying yeah we saw him, but we don’t think it was him because when we go into the area, we don’t see him,” said his cousin, Kim Fields. “So of course, people calling in thinking it’s him and we appreciate it, we do but we haven’t heard anything positive that yes that was Josten.”

Peters was last seen wearing a gray hoodie, gray pants and red and white tennis shoes.

As the Mobile Police Department continues to search for Peters, his family has a message they would like to send to both him and the community.

“We love you, Josten, you’re not in any trouble, just come home,” said Fields. “If anybody knows where he is please reach out to somebody. We’re on Facebook whatever, just please reach out to us because we miss him, and we just want him home.”

“He’s seen his flyer somewhere then maybe he thinks it’s something bad because he doesn’t know any better,” said Owens. “So, it’s nothing bad, I’m a concerned mom, and I want him home with me.”

Peter’s family will be hosting a search for him on Saturday at 3 p.m.

The search will begin at Municipal Park.