MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Shamari Green and Myra Edwards were in their home getting ready to go to bed Sunday night until a car crashed into their home.

Officers said they were chasing a speeding car in the area of Summerville and Wagner Street. They attempted to pull over the driver. According to police, the driver refused to pull over. Eventually, the driver lost control and crashed into Green and Edward’s home on Stanton Road.

The driver of the vehicle, Joseph Pritchett, 34, died from the crash and two other passengers in the car are being treated for minor injuries.

Green said he was in the bathtub until he felt the house shake and heard his girlfriend scream.

“I heard a big boom, and the power went out, so I heard screaming.” said Green. “My instincts were to rush out of the tub, and I was able to get to her, but she kept screaming hysterically.”

The car hit their bedroom, leaving the entire room damaged. The impact also caused partial damage to their teenage daughter’s bedroom, who wasn’t home at the time of impact, and the front door will not close.

Edwards says she was in the bedroom ready when the impact happened. Trapped under all of the debris, Edwards said she didn’t fully process what was happening until she got out of her home and noticed all of the police officers outside.

“By the time I got the debris off me, the bricks, the wood, I ran outside,” said Edwards. “It’s a car on the side of my house pushed in, and I’m like, what’s happened? What is happening? This is what I’m telling the police who was on the scene. And they [were] like, get back get back. It’s an investigation.”

Still processing what just happened, Myra Edwards said she called her brother Christopher who rushed over to make sure she and everyone else were okay.

“We’re gonna have to do what families do,” said Myra’s brother Christopher. “We’re gonna have to stick it out and band together.”

Eventually, Myra did go to the hospital to make sure she was alright, and she says she’s still shaken up by the event.

“This is where my depression comes in and my anxiety,” said Edwards. “You know, my mental health is not right. Because what I witnessed what I went through, I don’t want no one to go through that.”

Green and Edwards are unsure of what their next move is as they said they put their whole lives into their home.

Green and Edwards are thankful they are okay, and they sent prayers to the Pritchett family. Hoping their story will make others think twice about driving at high speeds from police; they wish the whole incident could have been prevented.

“This left one man dead, and me homeless,” said Myra Edwards. “I cannot even live in my home. I have a hole in my home. It’s cold, no lights. I have nothing, no resources to do nothing.”

The homeowners told WKRG News 5 they are in the process of figuring out their next steps.

Pritchett has a criminal history in Mobile County, including attempting to elude back in May 2022.