MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The homeless campsite by Lowe’s in Tillman’s Corner was cleaned out by volunteers last Wednesday, Aug. 24.

Since then, it has been fully cleaned out. The mountain of belongings was removed, and the entrance to the lot has been blocked off with a no trespassing sign posted.

Many wondered where the homeless were going to go after they were removed from their campsite. Most of them ended up in other parts of Tillman’s Corner.

Homeless advocate Elizabeth Chiepalich runs the Homeless in Mobile Facebook page. There, she advocates and provides resources to help with homelessness.

Chiepalich plans to work with the city to help the homeless.

“We are trying to organize the homeless advocates in Mobile,” said Chiepalich. ” We are trying to organize and provide an option for the city to help us with that could provide safe housing and services in the Tillman’s Corner area for these homeless people.”

Chiepalich encourages those who want to help solve the homeless issue in Mobile to call their city officials and partner with homeless advocacy groups. To view her Facebook page, click the link here.