MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The homeless people behind the Lowe’s in Tillman’s Corner are going to have to relocate.

Different volunteers arrived at the camp to help with the cleaning process. One volunteer, Rachel Rivas said that she used to be in this exact situation, and she said the city needs to do more for the homeless instead of just kicking them out.

“This used to be me. This used to be my life at one time. It saddens me that they are willing to come out here and remove them, but they don’t have a place or an alternative for them,” said Rivas. “There’s no help for the homeless community.”

The Chief Resilience Officer of Mobile, Casi Callaway said that they had to become involved because of the complaints from the community about the camp behind the Lowe’s.

“The property that Lowe’s owns became a hot topic because folks in the community have called their elected officials. We were called in to ask to see what we can do,” said Callaway. “Lowe’s has given us permission to go on the site to clear the trespassers.”

Because of Lowe’s complaint to the city, Callaway reached out to different volunteer groups to help remove the trash in the site.

The homeless camp behind the Lowe’s is expected to be cleaned out by Aug. 24.

City officials are unsure where the homeless people are going to stay next. As of now, only volunteers have been out there helping with the cleaning.