MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — In light of the continuous youth violence in Mobile, the Mobile Police Department is hosting a week full of events to engage with the community and advocate for peace. 

Day two of the Mobile Police Department’s Youth Violence Prevention Week was held at the community center in the Hillsdale neighborhood Monday, July 25.

The youth that attended the Community Center were able to enjoy bounce houses, food and even got to interact with local officials.

“The police department and the city of Mobile is partnered with the community to take care of the community I mean that’s really what we’re here for right,” said, Mobile Police Chief, Paul Prine. “At the end of the day we need the community, the citizens of Mobile and more importantly the youth in Mobile to know that they have a friend in the police department.”

Chief Prine said he believes these events are helping as violent crime is down about 3% compared to this time last year.

The Mobile Fire Rescue, several resource organizations that deal with bullying and victim support, as well as neighborhood groups from the Hillsdale community were all included in Mobile Police Department’s event.

District 7 City Councilwoman, Gina Gregory, said this is a first-time program that was set in place with hopes of going to different communities around Mobile to raise awareness about ending youth gun violence.

“Coming to the neighborhoods where we have recreation centers to get the community involved, because they’re all within the communities, is really important,” said Gregory. “This is the beginning, we start out, we may start out small, but it will grow especially as we bring all of these organizations together to work as a group. We all need to come together as a whole.”

Facility supervisor at Hillsdale community center, Rhonda McDaniel said with all the senseless violence going on she believes these events will influence the youth in a positive way and encourage relationships between police and the youth.

“It’s just something that all communities, not only Hillsdale but all communities need this event at least what once a month I’d say because of all the things that have been happening in the community it’s something positive and that’s what we all need,” said McDaniel.

Jerrick Williams, a student that attends Hillsdale Community Center says he enjoyed the event and hopes to be a policeman one day.

“They help our community, they do nice things,” said Williams.

For a list of events, click here.