UPDATE (5:15 p.m.) — Family members tell News 5 the man law enforcement was looking for when Anna Marie Rylee was shot was already in jail. Rylee was shot when law enforcement officers showed up at her house during an early morning warrant roundup Thursday.  They say a computer glitch ended with her facing nearly deadly force at the hands of law enforcement and they want answers. 

Nicholas McLeod

They tell us the man is the uncle of Rylee’s fiance. His name is Nicholas McLeod. That name also appears on the list of warrants law enforcement officers were using to round up suspects Thursday morning. A check of the Mobile County jail log shows a Nick McLeod booked into Mobile County jail on Wednesday at 3:36 P.M. That’s more than 12 hours before the warrant roundup even started. News 5 sent McLeod’s mug shot to Anna Marie Rylee’s family, who confirms that he is in fact her fiance’s uncle. News 5 continues to ask questions about how this happened and if changes will be made.

UPDATE (11:52 a.m.) — Family of Rylee says she’s currently out of surgery and in ICU. We are awaiting an official response from the law enforcement agencies involved.

UPDATE: Family of the woman shot identify her as Anna Marie Rylee . Her sister sent news 5 a picture of her.

Rylee’s fiance, Christopher McLeod, says he was there when it happened and described the scene to News 5’s Amber Grigley. He tells us he was taking out the trash when several law enforcement officers drive up the house and get out of their vehicles.

He tells News 5 they were looking for his uncle. He says that he told them the uncle hasn’t lived there for quite some time. While checking his ID, he says, they noticed he had a pistol permit. They asked where his guns were.

He told News 5 that he alerted the officers that the guns were in the house, and that his fiance was inside sleeping. He says that’s when they went into the house and the gunfire erupted.

The fiance spoke with Amber Grigley on camera. Hear from him on News 5 starting at noon.

UPDATE (9:00 am) — We know someone was shot by a law enforcement officer in Wilmer. We do not have an update on his or her condition this morning.

WILMER, Ala. (WKRG) — A heavy police presence has been reported in Wilmer on Old Moffett Road. We are working to get more information from local and state law enforcement.