UPDATE (11:10 a.m.): New details in the case of a woman accused of randomly shooting at a Prichard Church and killing a worshiper inside. We finally know why investigators said Kaillyn Harris was firing a gun outside of a church in late January, which killed Grace Carter.

A Prichard Police investigator testified Harris had gotten into a fight with her grandmother earlier in the day. Later she spotted her grandmother driving in Prichard. The investigator said Harris sped up to meet her grandmother’s car. To scare her, Harris allegedly pulled out a gun, closed her eyes, and fired one bullet out of the window.

That bullet went through a closed door at Everlasting Life Holiness Church and killed Grace Carter. The investigator said Harris took four to five Xanax before the shooting and that there were two passengers in the car with her.

The investigator said Harris was remorseful, turned herself in, and said she had mental health problems. Prichard Police confirmed there’s no video of the incident. The case was sent to the grand jury and Harris will continue to be held without bond.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — We may learn more today about what happened in late December that led to a woman being killed inside a Prichard Church. After being delayed last month, Kaillyn Harris is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing Monday morning.

She’s accused of firing a bullet that went through a door at Everlasting Life Holiness Church and hit and killed Grace Carter. Harris is accused of felony murder in Carter’s death. We don’t yet know what may have prompted the gunfire outside of the church in the first place. We expect to hear testimony from a Prichard Police investigator who may answer that question today.

The felony murder statute applies to someone who kills another person while committing a different felony. It’s not clear how that statute applies in this case.