MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — It’s no secret Mobile has long been known for its rich history. Becoming an American city in 1813, Mobile has seen a civil war and three previous fights between countries over the land. Because of its history, Mobile is considered home to many ghosts and mysteries from years ago.

These are the most well-known allegedly haunted places in Mobile:

Boyington Oak

The Boyington Oak is a well-known oak tree in Downtown Mobile. The story of Boyington Oak is an eerie one to say the least. Author Mary S. Palmer told WKRG News 5 the story in 2019. According to Palmer, Charles Boyington was a 19-year-old printer who came to Mobile in November of 1833. Boyington allegedly had a bit of a record and was known for being a gambler.

While here, Boyington took care of Nathaniel Frost and left town the same day Frost was murdered. Boyington was charged with the murder and found guilty by a jury. On Feb. 20, 1835, Boyington was hanged outside of the Oakleigh House. Boyington held his innocence claim until the day he died. He said an oak tree would grow on his grave out of his heart to prove he was innocent. The tree grew in the cemetery and out of his coffin. The tree is currently located on Bayou Street outside of the graveyard walls.

Richards DAR House

Richards DAR House is allegedly home to some ghostly figures from Mobile’s past. The DAR house was built around 1860 for Charles G. Richards and his family. Richards and his wife Caroline had a total of 12 children, however, some did not make it past childhood. Caroline lived in the house for seven years before she died while giving birth to a child. The home allegedly stayed in the family for a while before it was sold to a cement company. The home served as an office for the cement company until it was turned over to the city.

Members of the Richards DAR House told the Southern Spirit Guide they quickly knew that spirits were in the home. “There are times when you hear – when you first go in, after opening up – you’ll hear young children. It sounds like children playing on the stairs or right at the top of the stairs,” said one of the members. Some visitors to the home said they have seen a woman staring out of the window of the red bedroom, while others have claimed to have seen a man in photographs they have taken. DAR members said they believe it is Captain Richard, his wife and his kids.

Malaga Inn

Malaga Inn has a reputation for being haunted in downtown Mobile. The Inn recently was nominated for USA Today’s Best Haunted Hotel, competing against infamous haunted hotels including the Stanley Hotel from Stephen King’s “The Shining” and the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast. The Malaga Inn was voted the sixth most haunted hotel in the United States.

According to visitors of the hotel, things have happened that are hard to explain away. Some visitors claim to have seen a woman walking along the balcony of Room 007, while others claim to have seen the chandelier in the lobby swinging back and forth. The Malaga Inn also holds a secret within its walls. According to the hotel’s website, a tunnel sits underneath the west side of the hotel that is believed to have been used during the Civil War for Confederate soldiers.

Cathedral Square

Before Cathedral Square became a popular venue spot in the City of Mobile, it was actually home to a cemetery, leading some to believe that the square is still home to some ghostly beings. The Campo Santo was an 18th-century Catholic cemetery that sat where Cathedral Square is currently.

In 1819, the burials were moved to the current site of the Church Street Graveyard. Some graves continued to be accidentally discovered along Conti Street until the 1890s. Some Mobilians believe graves are still underneath the square. Rumors claim the graves sit right in front of, and under, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

Barton Academy

Barton Academy, now home to Barton Academy for Advanced World Studies, stood empty from 2007 until the new school was created and opened in 2021. Before 2007, Barton Academy was used as a school, a hospital for Union soldiers during the Civil War and a central office for Mobile County Public Schools. Because of the many uses of the building, it is alleged that Barton Academy has been haunted since the 1700s.

Visitors to the school believe a boy who attended Barton Academy in 1908 still haunts the building. A paranormal investigator partnered with WKRG in 2019, where they used ghost tools to see if the building is actually haunted. During the encounter, an unidentified voice told the investigator there were eleven of “them.”

Oakleigh House Museum

The Oakleigh House Museum is one of the oldest homes in Mobile, which means the home has a lot of history, some may be a little more spine-tingling than others. The house was built by a cotton broker in 1833 and the Irwin family moved into the home in 1852. The Irwin family lived in the house from 1852-1960. During that time, Margaret Irwin, Corrine Irwin, Alfred Irwin and T.K. Irwin all died inside the house.

Some visitors of the Oakleigh House Museum believe the spirits of the Irwins are still inside of the house. Some have seen a woman watching them from an upstairs window, and others have felt cold breezes pass by them. Visitors and staff members who have stayed the night at the house claim to have heard piano music playing throughout the night.

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