UPDATE (7 p.m.): Jeffery Sikes’ attorney, Tom Walsh, said “The government and the defendant had entered into an agreement for 15 years or the heightened of the guidelines whichever is lower, the lower part of that agreement was nine years that’s what the government asked for however the judge did not see it that way.”

Quinton Olson’s attorney, Barre Dumas, argued that he played a minor role in this case because he was not present when the fires were set. Federal prosecutors objected saying Quinton played a lesser role but it wasn’t minor* because he was still a part of the overall plan and the manifesto behind the scheme. Quinton’s attorney blames his involvement on Sikes saying because of his age and alleged authority, he was able to manipulate Quinton.

“He was in fear for his life and the life of his family because Jeff Sikes had him convinced, he was a black opps operator with connections everywhere and my client believed he would come to harm, or his family would come to harm if he crossed Jeff Sikes,” said Dumas.

UPDATE (4:00 p.m.): Alexander Olson has been sentenced to 180 months in prison.

UPDATE (2:45 p.m.): Quinton Olson, one of seven people charged in the Gulf Coast Walmart arsons, has also been sentenced.

Olson is sentenced to 36 months in prison and three years of supervised release after he serves time.

Olson will also need to pay restitution. The total of $7,295,533.23 in restitution will be split between everyone involved.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The ringleader behind multiple arsons inside area Walmart stores was sentenced to 18 years in prison Tuesday morning. Two other arsonists charged in the case will be sentenced later in the afternoon.

Jeffery Sikes, Erica Sikes, Sean Bottoroff, Jenna Bottoroff, Michael Bottoroff, Quinton Olson and Alexander Olson were all charged with one count of conspiracy to maliciously destroy by fire. Jeffery and Alexander were also charged with malicious destruction by fire.

The seven suspects each plead guilty to the federal charges in 2022.

Starting in May 2021, fires were started in two Mobile Walmarts, a Gulfport Walmart and a Biloxi Walmart. On Friday, a witness and co-conspirator testified against Jeffery Sikes saying he was the main conspirator.

Senior Director of Walmart John Wimsett said $8.5 million of merchandise was lost. He also said the I-65 Walmart was forced to close for 14 days and required a special cleaning crew from Dallas, Texas to help the store re-open.