MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The Mobile police department’s mounted unit getting a special donation, new raincoats. These aren’t just any raincoats, they’re specifically made for a mounted police officer.

It’s something the Mobile police department’s mounted unit has wanted.

“We’re a different type of police officer. We’re in the sun, we’re in the heat, we’re in the rain, we’re in the cold. We gotta dress for it all,” said Officer Jason Martin, a Mobile Police officer and member of the mounted police unit.

The raincoat also covers the horses’ saddle. “We’ve been trying to get these for a while,” said Martin.

While it may not seem like much, it means a lot to the officers who make up the mounted unit.

“They cover our saddle. Our saddles are leather, they get wet and they mildew, mildew, and get wet. They get nasty,” said Martin.

The mounted unit can’t hop in a car when it starts raining, they’re out on the horse in the elements.

“Our normal raincoats are just like the regular city-issued raincoats. When it rains, they don’t cover anything but the top part of our body and our legs are getting soaking wet. These raincoats pretty much cover our legs, and we don’t come off the horse soaking wet,” said Martin.

The coats were donated to the mounted unit officers by the Mobile Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association, a group of volunteers who help promote and enhance the relationship between the community and the police department. They also help to provide needs and support for the Mobile Police Department and its officers.

“They’ve attempted to procure this item over some period of time. I don’t know the exact time. Through budgetary processes, it was approved, and it ran out of time. There were just constraints beyond their control. When we heard about their request, then it was something that we as a board had adopted to assist them to fulfill,” said Brad Cooper, the president of the Mobile Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association.

The MCPAAA has helped support the Mobile Police Department in many ways, by helping with various event assistance, or making donations similar to the raincoats.

“Mainly there are procurement needs within the department that maybe can’t be met through the normal procurement process, or may be delayed through the normal procurement process. We create the opportunity to be able to fulfill that,” said Cooper.

The raincoats cost around $280-$300 apiece. There are five officers with the mounted unit.

The coats are even made specifically for police officers. “It covers all of our duty gear and everything else. But if you look, it has a pocket where you can pull your weapon through,” said Martin.

The mounted unit said they’re extremely grateful to the MCPAAA for the donation.

The Mobile Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association said if you want to help you can call 251-391-3273. You can also go to their Facebook Page.