MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — It has been nearly a month since disgraced priest Alex Crow abandoned his assignment at Corpus Christi Parish, leaving the country with an 18-year-old recent McGill Toolen graduate.

Monday, Archbishop of Mobile Thomas Rodi released his first public comments in a video through Facebook.

“The archdiocese will continue to cooperate with civil authorities as they try to put together the pieces of this puzzle,” Rodi said.

Family attorney of the 18-year-old girl, Christine Hernandez, told WKRG Tuesday that this video raised more questions than answers for her and her clients.

“Did he turn over the information related to the other parent complaints and if not why? If the Archdiocese is being completely transparent and forth coming, why did they scrub everything from their website related to Alex Crow?” Hernandez said.

District Attorney Keith Blackwood released this statement today regarding the archbishop’s video.

“We appreciate Archbishop Rodi’s words regarding Alex Crow and his recognition of the seriousness of our investigation,” Blackwood said. “We ask that anyone with information relating to Alex Crow, especially in light of the archbishop’s statement, to contact the District Attorney’s Office at (251) 574 -3400.  We are in the process of working with the Archdiocese to retrieve any relevant documents in their possession. The Mobile County District Attorney’s Office will continue to give this case our full attention and we encourage continued cooperation in protecting our community.”

According to Hernandez through photos and letters that are a part of the investigation, she believes that the relationship began before the girl turned 16. Hernandez said that the family had no idea that this relationship was developing.

“You look at a priest and you look at him as a holy man, a man to be respected, a man who would never harm your family or your child. They’re a man of God,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez said that the girl is completely financially dependent on Crow and has limited contact with her family.

“Only way anyone can make any contact to try to talk to her is to only contact Alex,” Hernandez said. “And there’s not a lot of response.”

Hernandez also said that the family is not pushing to do anything towards Crow. They just want their family to be whole again.

“The family is very distraught; they only want their daughter home,” Hernandez said.