MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A grease blockage caused about 200 gallons of wastewater to overflow into the Montlimar Creek on Friday. 

The grease blockage was created after someone poured oil, grease or fat down their pipes, which hardened inside the swerve pipes, causing a blockage in the manhole. An estimated 671.5 gallons of water flow then overflowed. 

About 471.5 gallons of the water were contained, but 200 gallons escaped into the Montlimar Creek. Once the waste overflow stopped, the property owner was told they had to remove the grease blockage, according to a news release from the Mobile Area Water & Sewer System (MAWSS). 

MAWSS urges residents to not pour their used cooking oil down the drain. The blockages cause waste overflows and if untreated wastewater spills into recreational areas, it can make people sick. Instead, residents can recycle their cooking oils at several locations in Mobile. To view the list of available sites, click here.