SEMMES, Ala. (WKRG) — A GoFundMe has been created for the husband of the family who died on Thursday in Semmes.

Derek Johnson is the husband of Nancy Johnson, 37, and the father to Mia Johnson, 5, and Jacob Johnson, 2, who were all found dead Thursday, Sept. 28 inside their home. Derek is the one who allegedly found the bodies and called 911.

Derek Johnson’s sister created the GoFundMe Sunday for her brother. Derek was quoted in the GoFundMe saying how much he loved Nancy and his two children. He also said Nancy had been suffering from mental health issues and had been having an “identity crisis” since the pandemic.

“So much love and care was put into [the children] for the 7 years of our marriage,” said Derek.

“Now I am at ground 0 and left with around 25k in debt, a bathroom that I can’t possibly stare at where my children were drowned, I want to tear it all out. $1,800 in property taxes due soon and I just don’t have foresight on when I will go back to work.”

Mobile County Sheriff Paul Burch said in a press conference Friday that Nancy had been found hanged and the two children had been drowned and placed on the couch. Mia also had lacerations to her neck. Burch said Derek was not involved.

Money from the GoFundMe will be used for funeral expenses and other things Derek might need to pay for while out of work. The GoFundMe can be accessed by using this link.