MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — The price of fuel hitting the dinner table as prices on seafood, especially shrimp, are rising due to the record fuel prices across the nation.

Those in the shrimping industry say they’re seeing fuel prices triple what they were last year.

Buying seafood is a part of life on the Gulf Coast.

“I like to get shrimp, I like to get snapper,” said Victoria Wilson, who was buying seafood.

But right now, many are starting to see the cost of seafood higher than normal. “I have noticed the prices have gone up,” said Wilson.

“The customers are having to spend more money on the food they love. Whereas maybe last year at this time, they were spending $3 for a product, now they’re spending $5,” said Arian Belt, the manager of DIP Seafood and Mudbugs.

Marine fuel prices are soaring, hitting record highs across the nation and that is impacting not only the fishermen but the seafood retailers and their customers.

“The boats that catch the shrimp, they’re having to spend a lot more money in gas, that’s, in turn, making our prices go up, the prices on us, and then we’re having to charge the public more because of the high gas prices,” said Belt. He continued, “we’re depending on our fishermen to bring in fresh product, and they’re spending more on gas, we have to take care of them just like they take care of us.”

Some customers are starting to shop around to find the best prices, but are still willing to spend a little extra for their favorite dish.

“Being here on the Gulf Coast, I love my seafood, I’m kind of one of those, I’m going to pay the price,” said Wilson.

While some seafood costs are rising, others like crawfish are going down as they near the end of the season.