Former pizza driver speaks out alleged gun incident

Mobile County

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The delivery driver fired for allegedly pulling a gun on a couple in Mobile is speaking out about what happened. He told News 5 he is being falsely accused.

News 5 spoke to Mobile Police, Marco’s Pizza, and both sides of the argument. While police say the driver did not technically break the law, he is still out of a job.

Cole Rivers was driving home from work when he said he heard someone yell. Rivers said, “I was like sir, the speed limit is 25, I’m going less than 20. I’ve been getting harassed a lot down this street. Like, I didn’t know what was going on. I was truly like getting a little not scared, but antsy like whoa.”

Sumner Howard said, “And he went zooming by and I said ‘slow down!'” Howard is the man Rivers was talking to. Howard and his fiancee were walking their dog Moonpie at the time. Howard said, “He said, I’m getting tired of being harassed about speeding, and then we started yelling. He went back in his car, pulled out a Glock, and chambered a round.”

Rivers said that is not what happened. He said, “I put my right foot in and next thing you know right as I get ready to do this, I hear walking and I seen that he had a dog before, and I heard the dog. Well, it’s dark. I don’t know what type of dog that is. I don’t know what it was trained for.”

When News 5 spoke to Howard, he said, “She’s not an aggressive dog at all and she loves people.”

Rivers said, “We’re in Mobile. I’ve had people come up on me try to steal the money off of me, try to steal a pizza off of me. Man, I’ll give you a slice of pizza if you want a pizza, but you know, I’ve had people draw weapons on me, it happens.” 

Rivers said he then lied about having a gun, hoping the bluff would work. He said he does not own a pistol, or have a pistol permit, but he does own an airsoft gun.

Rivers said, “I said, well I have a Glock, and I grabbed it and I put it behind here… I assume that he wasn’t going to believe me, so I did this.”

Speaking about the incident, Howard said, “He used it to bolster his argument and scare people. I’m not scared of weapons. I’ve been around weapons all my life. I’m a veteran, so I know stuff about weapons.”

Rivers said, “If you are a true vet, you should understand what it sounds like for a real Glock to be chambered… I just want things to go back to normal. I lost my job because of this.”

News 5 did reach out to Marco’s Pizza about the incident. The company sent us a statement saying, “Once we learned of the situation, we investigated the matter and took action that is reasonable and appropriate.  We expect our drivers to be safe and friendly when on the road in our community.”


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