MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — “Shocked” and “let down” are how some people in District 6 are feeling Friday-just three days after District 6 City Councilmen, Scott Jones, resigned during a city council meeting

“I’m really upset. I’m disappointed,” said District 6 resident, Dana Helton.

“He had been doing a wonderful job for this District, so I was very upset,” said another District 6 resident, Shirley Harris.

Jones’ main reason for resigning– the council and the Mayor’s support of AltaPointe despite alleged abuse at its mental health facilities. Something Jones continues to speak out against…Even as far as calling for the CEO to step down. 

Bess Rich, Jonespredecessor, believes regardless of his reasoning for resigning, Jones let the people of District 6 down.

“I believe that when you put your hand on the Bible and take an oath of office, it is a four-year commitment because people supported you with their resources, with their time and energy and they believed in you, and you altered that trust when you leave,” said Rich. “It’s obvious he was very passionate about his desires to see change there but the way that he went about it and by offending people or maligning them publicly was very inappropriate.”

District 6 residents and members of the Connie Hudson Senior Community Center say they were taken aback by Jones’ announcement. 

“I wish he would have stayed on because that’s the only way you get stuff taken care of,” said Harris.

“It must have been a very strong feeling for him to have resigned,” said Helton. “I respect that. If you feel strongly enough about something that you give up such an important position because of that, I just hate it. I really do.”

The city is currently working on setting a date for a special election to fill the District 6 seat.