Former delivery driver says he did not pull a gun on couple walking dog

Mobile County

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — News 5 spoke to the former Marco’s Pizza delivery driver who was fired for allegedly pulling a gun on a couple. The driver said he is now speaking to lawyers and talking about pressing charges.

No charges have been pressed, so News 5 is not releasing the name of the driver.

News 5 first heard from the couple on Monday. On Tuesday, the driver at the center of the controversy contacted News 5 about the story.

He said,

“I was headed home after leaving work. I heard someone holler, so I instantly slowed down, which speed limit on the street is 25 and I was going less than 20. I jumped out my car thinking someone was hurt or needed help. Seen two people an asked where they OK. The response I got was somewhere close to “you need to slow the f**k down.” I responded, “I apologize sir (trying to deescalate the situation), I was only going like 15. He then replies that he didn’t care it was nighttime so that was his reasoning of doing what he was doing. Even though he had no right and I done nothing wrong. I then seen how the situation would turn out after I stated that I was truly upset at how I was being harassed on that street. I put my right leg in the car and then I started hearing the rushing of some feet and a dog. I turned and looked and got scared because I thought someone was bomb rushing me. You never know in Mobile. So I turned, and here they are coming I started telling them to not come close to m because I didn’t know his intent. I started saying I was feeling threatened, and a response was given by the man… So my response clicked. I got scared and bluffed and said well I got a Glock pretty much to say don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Hoping they would leave me be. But that didn’t happen the man stated I was lucky he didn’t have his on him. He then started to slowly back off in the shadows as his wife was trying to distract me as it seems. So I assumed he was truly going to get a weapon. So I seen that as my chance to have the woman back off. Which once she seen the man leave she took a few steps back and I jumped in my car and left. Still going to speed limit of course. I went straight back to my job site and asked my boss what should I do. He then gave me some information and told me to cover my butt. So I called the cops. I spoke with the dispatcher and we discussed what I could do. I told him there is a cop that sits in our parking lot for when we are closing because the area isn’t safe supposedly. So I stated I would just go file a report the next following day when I seen the police officer because I was very ignorant at what to do. Not counting confused and scared. So I waited till the next day and I asked my boss, ‘Did a cop show up?’ We had calls saying that the people that reported me was bringing cops there to the store. I even stated to myself I would try to avoid that street completely since it was an issue. So no cops showed that day so I assumed the situation was already situated. So at this moment I’m getting in touch with lawyers and wanting to press charges after he slandered my name. This is an action that is took straight action towards me, a 21-year-old. This man is a grown man, and he should understand what false media can do to a person. To me that was not respectful by no means at all especially if it was very untrue.”

– Former delivery driver

The driver says he is planning on pressing charges and taking legal action.


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