BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Days ago, a Mobile County jury found a man guilty of killing another man in 2019 in what was Satsuma’s first murder in years. Michael Fletcher was convicted of killing David Bryan Beck-Shank. For the victim’s family, it’s been a grueling journey through the justice system. Outside the Shank’s home is a banner with one of the last pictures of their son and a reminder to fight for justice.

“Our ones that are murdered, injured or whatever, they have no voice, we need to be their voice, everyone needs to be their voice,” said the victim’s father David Shank. They have pictures, his old guitar, and fond memories of their son.

“David was loved, he was truly loved, David was a good person,” said his mother Brenda Shank. Michael Fletcher’s trial took less than a week, fast for a murder trial–but it’s also been three years of waiting and attending every court proceeding they could.

“It’s miserable, just miserable because we didn’t know anything about any other stuff like this,” said David Shank. Family members say they did receive some measure of justice with the verdict but argue others need to be held accountable for their son’s death.

“I’m angry I’m mad and as brutal as I can be: it makes a law-abiding citizen not want to be a law-abiding citizen,” said David Shank. They argue others are out there who are culpable in their son’s death.

“This was a senseless murder, done by a career criminal,” said Brenda Shank. She compiled hundreds of pages of court documents, transcripts, and other information they argue ties into their son’s death. “I don’t want to see another family go through what we went through with this criminal.” The memories of their son all around their home–including the name of the family business–DB Electric is named for David Bryan Beck-Shank and his father says he was meant to run it someday Michael Fletcher is scheduled to be sentenced on May 19th. The family hopes he gets the maximum, life without parole.