(WKRG) — Florists across the country, including those in Mobile, are experiencing flower shortages. Flowers are in short supply this Valentine’s day.

Flowerama Mobile, is seeing the effects of the national flower shortage. Candice, a customer service representative for the shop, said a number of things are dwindling the flower supply.

“Most flowers come across seas from Ecuador, Mexico and other places. A lot of them go through fumigation, there’s so many different factors,” said Candice.

Candice explains that when flowers are fumigated, a large portion of them can be killed by harsh cleaning chemicals. This wouldn’t have been ideal, but it was expected back in 2019. Now in 2022, supply chain issues are making it hard to import roses to the U.S. Staffing shortages are also taking their toll on local flower shops.

“It’s hard to find people to come help,” said Candice. She like many other Mobile businesses are struggling to keep a full staff. With this being one of the busiest days for florists, it’s hard for them to keep up with the demands.

Supply chain issues, fumigation and staffing are all contributing to the shortages seen by flower shops. This year, getting flowers may not be as simple as popping into the grocery store on your way home.

How do I get Flowers this Valentine’s Day?

Flowerama, like many other shops are working diligently to communicate with customers to make sure their loved ones can get a bundle of flowers this Valentine’s Day. Roses are still in supply and Candice said residents should order now.

“The best time to order is two weeks out,” said Candice. As of today, Valentine’s is nearly a week away so residents should call around and see if they can pre-order a set of flowers.

Florists are also offering substitutes for the traditional dozen roses. Flowerama is offering carnations to those who want them and smaller batches of roses if they can’t afford the full set. Talk to your local florists and see what flowers are available for pre-order. You’ll surely get a beautiful batch of flowers.