MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mobile and Baldwin Counties had their first heat advisory day for 2022–with more expected to follow this week. Chad Petri has more on how people are getting ready for grinding days of hot weather

Kelly Johnson, Mobile: “It’s hot, it’s hot like I don’t know like we’re living up in a sauna or something,” said Kelly Johnson at Medal of Honor Park. The uncomfortable weather is a reminder to try and be an early bird when you want to stay active.

“You always have to get out early just keep your wits, get out stay mobile and you might live a little bit longer,” said Charles Cantrill wrapping up his bike run around the park. People were running, biking, or getting their dogs out as the dog days of summer are here.

“Get the walk in early and then just stay home, we don’t go nowhere, just mostly home,” said Thelma Bunch. For some, this week is going to be a long week and they hope it isn’t a sign of what could come later in the season.

“Kind of makes me really concerned about hurricanes, being this hot this early,” said Frank Alardo.