MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — As many around the country celebrate Thanksgiving, one local organization is giving out meals to those who may be in need.

Feed The Streets Alabama is a non-profit organization that held its 5th annual Thanksgiving event at Public Safety Memorial Park Thursday afternoon.

Filled with music, face paint, and a bouncy house, volunteers were there to hand out food such as macaroni and cheese, collard greens and lemon-peppered flavored turkey.

CEO of Feed The Streets Alabama, Travis Poellenitz, says his journey and struggle with COVID-19 motivates him to continue hosting the event.

“In 2020, COVID kind of took my job. I worked in the food industry. And a lot of people got laid off. And I was one of those people, unfortunate people, who lost a job, got behind on my car payments, late on rent, and I ended up having to live on my car,” said Pollenitz. “Now my feet is in other shoes, maybe needing a hot meal or having to find somewhere where I needed to have refuge.”

Many of Poellenitz’s peers helped volunteer to serve food. They say it’s the community that keeps them motivated.

“I like to help people you know,” said Natalia Montgomery, a volunteer. “It’s hard these days, from the pandemic, and stuff like that and a lot of people don’t have no homes.”

“I just want to help the community like I always do,” said Nakiah Montgomery, “And I’m just come out and you know, have a good time to show people who I am.”

Feed The Streets’ co-founder Alexander Anderson has a message from his grandmother that he holds dear.

“My grandma always told me, to get a blessing, you got to give a blessing,” said Anderson. “So that what we do, as long as we can feed up to one person, we good.”

Poellenitz says he’s thankful that he has the opportunity to bless others.

“I’m thankful to be a blessing to be a blessing,” said Poellenitz. “And for me to be taking my time to get out here and provide hot meals, I’m thankful for doing that because I know a lot of people who wish they can be in my situation to even provide to their community all around the world. So for me this to be able to provide hot meals to my community, I’m grateful for that. So not only will we all have smiles, we will have a full belly.”

Feed The Streets Alabama plans to be right back at Public Safety Memorial Park for Thanksgiving of next year.