MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The fate of who will own Ladd Peebles stadium lies in the hands of the Mobile City Council, but there’s lingering questions about the future of concerts and community events.

Late Thursday night, WKRG broke the news of the Mobile County Public Schools System purchasing Ladd-Pebbles Stadium.

HBCU football games, community and entertainment events have been hosted at Ladd for decades but will that change if Mobile County Public School System buys the stadium? 

Ann Davis has been a Ladd-Peebles board member for 12 years. She says a lot of events had already been scheduled for the rest of the year and now the question is, will the show still go on?

“We had a jazz concert scheduled for July 29th, I think it was and It’s got to be cancelled,” said Davis.

Davis tells News 5 most of the events were on multi-year contracts with Ladd to keep them coming back.

“That’s what people had done so there’s gonna be a lot of things that we don’t know what will happen to them and I don’t know how long it’ll take to work out the details,” said Davis.

District 5 school board member, Johnny Hatcher, tells News 5 events won’t be a hinderance if they purchase the property.

“I don’t see any problem with facilitating those,” said Hatcher. “We can continue to do those things.”

But with some events, like tailgating before football games, alcohol is involved. George Reese knows firsthand because he’s promoted and hosted many events at Ladd.

“Yes, it’s a question in my mind,” said Reese, the owner of G. Reese Productions. “How would that work other than football games but I’m hopeful everything stays the same because revenue still has to be made when we invest 20 million dollars in a venue. I’m concerned, but I’m going to hold back until I see the policy.”

“On our campuses, that is an issue but an off-site facility…I can’t answer that,” said Hatcher. “I don’t have enough information to answer that at this point.”

A number of events are already on the calendar for the next couple of months. 

Until the city council votes on the transaction between The City of Mobile and Mobile County Public School System, the city says they will be taking over the stadium immediately “to address management issues and concerns about the long-term financial stability of the stadium”

Davis believes this wouldn’t be happening if the City had funded the stadium properly from the start. 

“We were told that they were going to take care of our bills because we kept asking for funding but I didn’t realize that this was going to be the way that they were going to take care of it,” said Davis. “They’re now spending $9 million on doing things that we asked them to do for the board, for Ladd and now it’s going to be done for the school system.”

The negotiation will be introduced at the city council meeting on Tuesday.