THEODORE, Ala. (WKRG) — The family of a Thanksgiving shooting victim is still seeking justice one year later.

It’s been one year since 19-year-old Tavon Holder was shot and killed in Mobile at Bennett Pointe Apartments. The day Tavon Holder died was also his birthday. His family is still waiting for justice. Broderick Myles, Tevon’s stepfather, said this has been a year full of agony and now it’s getting worse.

“I have to set a plate for somebody that ain’t there — had to bury one of my kids. Nobody should have to do that,” Myles said.

Anthony Macpherson and Lucy Rutledge, both 17 at the time of the shooting, are the ones police say are responsible for Tevon’s death. Mobile police charged the two teenagers with intentional murder and say they killed Tevon over $35 worth of marijuana — less than 100 feet from Holder’s family home.

Myles says it’s been frustrating trying to get answers. “You want to have faith in the system, you want to tell your kids to have faith in the system, but it’s a year later, and they walk around freely and we haven’t heard anything. They were able to see their kids before I was able to see mine. I had to see mine in a morgue. What kind of justice is that?”

His parents say Tavon had a bright future — one cut too short. Tavon recently returned from boot camp with the army and was set to be a Geospatial Engineer. Now, Myles has a message for those who choose gun violence.

“There are a lot of parents that will wake up in the morning and (are) going to have to do the same thing I am going to have to do and make a plate for one of their kids that ain’t there,” Myles said. “Put the gun downs kid — love on each other, talk about it.”

Both cases for Macpherson and Rutledge were sent to a grand jury