CITRONELLE, Ala. (WKRG) — A family in Citronelle is still trying to get their lives together weeks after severe weather destroyed their home. A tree crushed the Medley family home the day before Easter, now dealing with looting. Leslie Medley took me through some of the spots she said were ransacked by thieves like kitchen cupboards, and piles of their stuff ready for the next car ride out.

“They tore through the bags and plundered through everything,” said Medley as she went through the piles in the living room. In one break-in she said someone tore off siding and slipped in through a back window.  

“I don’t understand it, why break into a home that’s already been damaged and take things that belong to children and a family,” said Medley. For this family, progress has been slow and the big lingering question is when will they be able to get back to normal.  

“The kids keep asking ‘when are we going to be able to have our own place again’ that’s really the rough thing,” said Medley. The day before Easter a strong storm toppled a big tree, which sent it smashing through the front porch, roof and child’s bedroom.  Now the family makes frequent trips from their temporary home just to see more stuff taken.  

“You have to be pretty low to do something like that to loot the home of a family that’s lost pretty much everything,” said Medley. For now, they’re living with family as they strive to get some stability back. A GoFundMe Page has been put together to help cover expenses following this hardship. Citronelle’s Police Chief confirmed a warrant was issued for at least one person Monday morning in this case.