MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Six months ago, a bullet went through a home on Dobbs Avenue, near Emogene and Sage Avenue hitting then 9-year-old Orion Comiskey in the arm.

Orion is now 10 and is continuing to recover.

“Life is going back to normal as much as it can be. Orion is very much a 10-year-old boy doing everyday things along with physical therapy two days a week,” said Brittany Roybal, Orion’s mom.

In December, Orion was watching Youtube videos when a bullet went through his home severing an artery in his left arm.

His family said two cars next door were littered with bullet holes, and the boy was an innocent bystander.

“Shooting is wrong and you should never do it for any reason,” said Orion.

Orion has had two surgeries on his arm since the shooting, while future surgery isn’t completely off the table, he’s beginning to be able to use his arm more.

And still no arrests or answers for his family.

“Everybody in the family is frustrated,” said Roybal.

We first spoke with Orion in April. After that story, several people reached out wanting to send him well wishes. Robert Messenger (@MessengerKustomPaint on Instagram) painted a custom skateboard for Orion, and Orion Automotive Finishes Tech Group out of Texas sent him an ‘Orion’ shirt and stickers, hoping to cheer him up.

“I hope it brought a smile to his face and he continues to enjoy it and things get better for him and he’s able to be a happy kid because that’s what’s important,” said Messenger.

While things are getting back to somewhat normal, the reality of a child shot is still apparent. Loud noises are still a problem, as Orion still gets nervous. “Big storms, thunder is still a trigger,” said Roybal.

As they hope for closure. “There are questions, and we may not know the answers,” said Roybal.