MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Family members are grieving the loss of a man killed in a fire early Saturday morning. 72-year-old Charles Standberry was found dead in his home after a fire this weekend. Family members want to make sure this tragedy doesn’t happen to anyone else.

“A good-hearted person, we all loved him and he loved his family and we just got along fine,” said the victim’s brother Willie Smiley. Family members say Standberry had a stroke a month ago meaning he couldn’t move well and they believe it’s one of the reasons he wasn’t able to escape.

“It takes a lot out of you to see a person, a caring and loving person, and to leave that way the fire was just scary, it was a scary part,” said Smiley. Charles Standberry was eager to get home from the hospital. Family members say he got home Tuesday and wasn’t even home a full week before the fire happened.

“He was so excited to go home and I really didn’t want him to go over there but that was his decision,” said Smiley. The cause of the fire is under investigation but MFRD believes it was an accident. Family members say the fire was likely from an electrical system that was overloaded in Standberry’s aging home–likely strained by portable heaters as he tried to keep warm. They warn others to be careful.

“I know it’s wintertime and people are trying to keep warm, especially if you have kids, be protective of them and be safe during the winter months,” said Smiley.

The fire tore through the home, gutting years of memories and bringing a tragedy to this family.