MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The conversation continues about the police pursuits in Mobile after the family whose house was damaged from a speeding driver speak out in front of Mobile City Council.

Christopher Edwards, the brother of the homeowner, Myra Edwards spoke in front of all seven councilmen. His sister’s home was damaged from the high speed pursuit January 15 which resulted from the driver speeding, losing control and crashing into his home.

Christopher asked the council to review their policies and procedures regarding high speed chases. City Council members Cory Penn, William Carroll and Scott Jones addressed his concerns about the police’s policies, but councilmembers redirected his questions to Public Safety Director Lawrence Battiste.

“We evaluate all road conditions, we evaluate time of day, the speed, the volume of traffic in the area,” said Battiste. “And all of those things gives the supervisor a snapshot of whether or not he should allow the pursuit to continue or not.”

Following the council meeting, Christopher believes this is the first step to a resolution for an ongoing problem. He says he’s been very vocal about the issue because of many questions he has that continue to linger.

“A lot of people in the city want to know, a lot of people on that side of town want to know what’s going on,” said Christopher Edwards. “He is the second person to die during a police pursuit. And they really want to know what’s going on. So with that being said, I want to know, you know, and when this happens, literally at your front door, you expect people to answer the questions that you had.”

Battiste said the pursuit is still under investigation.