MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Family members of a missing man in Mobile County hope a larger reward will finally solve a case. They hope to finally find out what happened to Marcus Chestang nearly a year and a half ago. For this family, it’s been anguish not knowing what’s happened to a man who seemingly vanished like he never existed. This month the family of Marcus Chestang increased the reward for information that leads to finding his remains or whereabouts to $50,000.

He was last seen early in the morning of May 29th, 2021 leaving the Barn Bar in Prichard on Highway 45. Family members say each time they make a public plea for more help a few more questions get answered.

“They just need a few last pieces of the puzzle and that’s why we’re urging anyone with information to come forward, no matter how insignificant it may seem, just the smallest piece could tie this all up and they’re very close,” said relative Brian Keevan. Family members say they’re not focused on punishing anyone. They want answers to what happened to him so he can get a proper burial. They hope by increasing the reward they can get that.