PRICHARD, Ala. (WKRG) — Still more questions than answers tonight for the family of a man who’s been missing for more than a month. 33-year-old Russell Marcus Chestang was last seen at a bar on Highway 45 in the Prichard area. Family members say he was last heard from early in the morning on May 28th. His last known location was the Barn nightclub on Highway 45. They fanned out along the highway Saturday morning.

“We’re unsure if he got into a vehicle but it’s a high probability he left on foot we’re hoping anyone who may have seen him at local gas stations or any hotels on 158 which he had been known to stay out there as well, he had been known to frequent several clubs and bars in the Saraland area,” said search coordinator Corey Biggs. In this search, they’re looking for anything, an article of clothing, possession, something that will give them an answer as to what happened to this man.

“We know he was carrying a backpack, he carried a lot of his valuables and his ID in that bag so we’re looking for any remnants that could be left along the way,” said Biggs. If you have any information, call Prichard Police at 251-452-2211.