IRVINGTON, Ala. (WKRG) — Family and friends are mourning the loss of a young man who died in an industrial accident last week in Mobile. The 22-year-old victim had graduated months ago from community college and just started his first job. William Khemmanivanh meant the world to this family.

“There’s just no words, it’s just ripped our hearts, he’s impacted a lot of people it’s a huge loss,” said William Khemmanivanh’s aunt Sonia Vannavong. Friends and family have been gathering at their home in Irvington still trying to understand and process this tragedy.

“We miss him so much, I just wish this was a dream,” said Vannavong sorrowfully. He went to school at Alma Bryant and graduated just months ago from Southern Union State Community College. Family members say his first job was at SPI Mobile Pulley Works, the place where he died in an industrial accident last Wednesday. Family members say he was a bright light in the family.

“He impacted a lot of people and he’s always positive,” said the victim’s sister Jinda Khemmanivanh. Family members are trying to raise money for funeral expenses, we’ve linked to their GoFundMe page. We’ve reached out to OSHA and Mobile Pulley Workers for more information on how the accident may have happened, we’re waiting to hear back.

The family is no stranger to tragedy. In 2017 William Khemmanivanh’s uncle Somphith Khemmanivanh was found murdered in Grand Bay. Police arrested a then 16-year-old Abdel Shihadeh. That case may go to trial this April according to court records.