MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A vigil was held Wednesday night for Mobile’s most recent homicide victim.  On Saturday, 20-year-old Chris Edwards was killed after a barrage of gunfire on Springhill Avenue. Four people were arrested but Mobile Police say they’re still looking for the shooter. Hundreds gathered Wednesday night to not only remember a victim but to try to end the string of violence.

Edwards’ uncle, Darrell Brown, told all those in attedance that people who want to hurt others, need to find another way to spend their time and resolve disagreements. “They need to put their mind on something else other than just going to the street and committing violence.  They need to show another way to express how they feel.”

Brown and the rest of his family help organize a rally at the Pride Gas Station on St. Stephens Road near the Mobile and Prichard border.

The CDC reports homicide is the numer one killer for African-American men between the ages of 15 and 34.  Dejah Jones says many don’t understand the consequences of violence and the impact they have on families and communities.

Jones says, “It shouldn’t even get to this point to be honest, it shouldn’t be this serious.  Nobody should have to go through this kinda of hurt, this pain, it’s just too much.”

A service will be held for Edwards on Saturday.  However, Brown and Jones hope this latest homicide will cause others to think twice before taking someone’s life.