DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala. (WKRG) – The mayor of Dauphin Island said they are 90 percent recovered one year after Hurricane Sally ravaged the little slice of paradise in south Mobile County.

Like many parts of the Gulf Coast, Dauphin Island was hit hard by the storm.

Unlike other tropical storms and hurricanes, Hurricane Sally caused significant property damage on the island making for an expensive clean up.

Exactly one year later, Mayor Jeff Collier says they are 90% recovered from the storm.

“We’re probably 90 percent there from post Sally of getting things repaired. We’ve still got some things we’ve still got to do like street light repairs that are pending and a few other repairs to our municipal buildings but other than that we are still up and running,” said Collier.

This year’s hurricane season has been more kind to Dauphin Island.

Hurricane Ida brought significant sand and saltwater flooding to the west end.

Despite the constant clean up, particularly on the west end, residents say it’s worth it to live there.

“It’s one of the challenges but wherever you live there’s some challenges. Dauphin Island has like no crime, you can feel the breeze today. It’s worth the momentary disruptions,” says Ken Bettin, who has lived on west end for six years.

Collier said anyone is welcome to visit the island. The public is encouraged to come enjoy everything it has to offer before the off season begins.

Residents on the island are counting their blessings this year after being hit hard by Hurricane Sally in 2020.